The Search Continues

I am using a different approach, which I have called cosmic (±) geometry.

While searching for a geometric proof for pi, I have found many interesting things.

The Searching

Some of my geometry images, and some stuff on the amazing golden ratio, and below some interesting things I have found on my long (6 years) journey.

The most interesting triangles detailed using cosmic geometry.

Very interesting relationship between the pink and golden triangles.

Trigonometry roots and cosmic geometry.

Number sequences's (Fibonacci, Lucas, Pell) 345 triangle and phi.

Pythagorean triples without using the Pythagorean theorem.

The metallic means using cosmic geometry.

The metallic means to infinity and beyond.

The OLD tools.

Red/Blue Triangles, Geometry Engine, Angle Machine, Geomatron.

All numbers (yes, even pi) can be expressed as an angle.

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