The Geometry Engine

After many years exploring geometry I started building my geometry engine.
(Last edit : July 13th 2019)

Version 3.0 major update.
Version 2.5 add vesica piscis and square roots.
Version 2.0 added constant scaling.
Version 1.5 tidy.
Version 1.0 basic idea.

This geometry tool helps to visualise mathematical symmetry. Showing the amazing relationships between the mathematics of cosmic identity, trigonometry, and pythagoras theorem.

By simply assigning each value a different colored circle, this tool helps us use both the left (analytical) and right (creative) side of the brain, making it easier to learn complex mathematical relationships.

This allows us to visualize the shape of an angle or number. some numbers have more mathematical symmetry than others. For example, the image below shows the shape of the square root of the golden ratio (√Φ), one of the numbers with the most intriguing mathematical symmetry.

This tool uses 'constant scaling' which helps show the relationship between complex geometry and the fundamental mathematic equations.


Constant Scaling

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