"The weight of evidence for an extraordinary claim must be proportioned to its strangeness." Laplace

Yes, I know about Archimedes, Lindemann, transcendental number, inscibed polygons.. but lets explore anyway.

The Circle and Square

We can perform simple arithmetic with both the circle and square. Meaning we can add and subtract one circle/square from another.

The radius (r) of all circles that are same colour, are reciprocals of each other.

The Symmetry of the Circle and Square

The Red Triangles

The Blue Triangle

The relationship between triangle 1 and 3 (also 2 and 4). The hypotenuse of triangle 1 is equal to the height of triangle 2, and the height of triangle 1 is equal to the base of triangle 2.

The Golden Rule

We get the following two equations.

And because the follwing is true.

We can work out these.

Which we can substitute.

The Cosmic Relationship

Cool relationship.

something here

The Cosmic Identity

The amazing Cosmic identity (read more) and its varients.

Where the height (A) = x.

Where the height (A) = 2/x.

The Numbers


Scaled Numbers


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