The Search for Pi

Recently I have been playing around with this cosmic identity and the mathematics that come out of it.

This cosmic mathematics is found in the vesica piscis and can be seen here.

Exploring the vesica piscis (mandorla) in more detail, we find these interesting triangles, and the amazing relationship between them.

The symmetry of this relationship means , which we use below.

The Angles of Pi

Out of the cosmic identity comes these cosmic angles.

We can link the cosmic identity with pythagoras theorem to get the following red cosmic triangle, substituting x = (4/π) and 1/x = (π/4).

Then we can use this cosmic triangle in the vesica piscis. As shown below.

This shows that the following cosmic triangles.

8/π = (4/π+π/4) + (4/π-π/4) and π/2 = (4/π+π/4) - (4/π-π/4)


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